Stretching August 2016

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No matter how long you’ve been drawing in your sketchbook, there are always new things to discover. New materials. New techniques. New ideas. New ways of seeing.

Time for some ‘Stretching’ with Jonathan Twingley, Lapin, France Belleville van Stone, Fabio Consoli, Miguel Herranz, and Jason Das.

They’ll share their studios, stories, experiences, sketchbooks, techniques, and ideas. And show you how they work wonders in ink, pencil, watercolors & more. Each week, you’ll get 30-60 minutes of instructive, entertaining videos — filmed from Barcelona to Brooklyn, Sicily to Harlem. And you’ll be a part of a warm and supportive community of thousands of artists just like you.

Whatever your level, Stretching will expand your horizons and shake up your habits.  Get ready for a whole new chapter in your sketchbook.

NOTE: $99 plus VAT for EU residents.

Klass begins August 5, 2016.


Stretching Klass 1 - Jonathan Twingley


Stretching Klass 2 - Lapin


Stretching Klass 3 - France Belleville Van Stone


Stretching Klass 4 - Fabio Consoli


Stretching Klass 5 - Miguel Herranz


Stretching Klass 6 - Jason Das


Stretching 2.14- Lapin: Dinner Party!

Author: Sketchbook Skool

I’m not brave enough to sketch the food before eating it as Liz or Koosje do, as I’m always too hungry, so I prefer to sketch while I’m eating. Are you used to sketching your food, or some special dishes during your trips?

Stretching 1.4 – Jonathan: Points of Departure

Author: Sketchbook Skool

One morning this week, while you’re taking your first cup of coffee or tea, make a page of drawings based on imagery from the last vivid dream you had. As with dreams themselves, this page can be a series of fragments, blurred faces or odd combinations.