Beginning June 2016

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“Beginning” isn’t just for beginners — it’s for anyone who wants a fresh start on making art. In this kourse, Danny talks about how to start a lifetime art habit. Koosje shows you the joys of taking risks. Travel to India and begin to see the sky anew with Prashant. Jane will turn your sketchbook into the start of a creative odyssey. Roz will show you how to look at animals with a fresh eye. And Tommy will get you started on finishing the richest drawing of your life. Are you ready for a great new beginning? Join us.

Klass begins June 10, 2016.

NOTE: $99 plus VAT for EU residents.


Beginning Klass 1 - Danny Gregory


Beginning Klass 2 - Koosje Koene


Beginning Klass 5 - Roz Stendahl


Beginning Klass 6 - Tommy Kane


Beginning 2.3 – Koosje: Let’s Head Outside

Author: Sketchbook Skool

Why are you worrying about other people's opinions, when we're talking about YOUR personal sketchbook? Have you ever actually had bad reactions on your work? How did you deal with it? More importantly: Have you ever had positive reactions on your work? Who gave it to you and how did you feel about it?

Beginning 3.3 – Prashant: Watercolors

Author: Sketchbook Skool

Can you apply these techniques when you do a portrait or a still life? Can you look at the sky right now, and tell me the gradation of colors that you see? Do you think these watercolor techniques can be applied to a miniature painting and in large scales?

Beginning 4.1 – Jane: Meet Jane

Author: Sketchbook Skool

I challenge you to do a “Yoga Pose in a Public Place” like I show you in the video. Take a photo or video and share with us here. You can do any kind of yoga or yoga-ish pose. It’s just for fun!

Beginning 5.1 – Roz: Meet Roz

Author: Sketchbook Skool

Has any one in your family kept a journal? Have you seen any volumes of it? What did it mean to you? Did it inspire you to keep your own journal? Why? Tell us not what you believe a journal should contain, but what you hope your journal will contain.

Beginning 5.2 – Roz: Material Girl

Author: Sketchbook Skool

What’s in your sketching kit today? Take your bag or back pack apart and examine each item. Let us know why you favor that particular brush or tool. Do you have a sentimentally favorite pen—what’s the story? What tools have you stopped using? Is it time to pare down what you’re carrying?